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Provincial Request for Reduction of Water Use in Response to Drought Level 5. The Ministry of Forests has requested that SSID as a groundwater user reduce consumption by 50% immediately. Only the property owners currently in SSID can affect a reduction. We recognize that a 50% reduction may be difficult, but if you are able to reduce your usage any amount until the drought level 5 has passed, please let us know (administrator@savaryshoreswater.ca) so that we can report this to the Ministry if asked.

Welcome new Trustee Brent Brucker!  Two candidates stepped forward for the 1-year trustee position, available when Trustee Emer Dubois stepped down after serving 2 years of her 3-year term. Brent Brucker of Patricia Crescent took the majority vote in the Election of Trustees held at the Annual General Meeting on July 30.

Thank you Bryan Miles for another term. Bryan Miles's 3-year term had expired at the AGM, and he offered to take on another 3-year term. There being no other candidate for the 3-year term, Bryan was acclaimed. In a post-AGM meeting of trustees, Bryan accepted a nomination as Chair for the coming year.

Annual General Meeting complete.  The 2023 AGM was attended by 40 people. In addition to the Chair's Report, Operator's Report, Financial Report, Appointment of the Accountant, Trustee Election, and Trustee Remuneration, there was community input on the costs to date, and possibly to come, for addressing ongoing complaints from the property adjacent to SSID's generators. Draft minutes will be amended or adopted at the 2024 AGM.

The 2017 Fire Underwriter's Survey established Savary Shores Improvement District as "limited protection" rather than the previous rating "unprotected." The Dwelling Protection Grade was 4, and the Public Fire Protection Classification was 8 (out of 10, Grade-1 is highest). The FUS Survey was updated in 2020. SSID has not been re-examined or re-graded by FUS since 2017.