Apply for a Water Connection

The Application for a Water Connection is available for downloaded from the foot of this page.

Payment for the Connection is $835, and may be made by etransfer to or by cheque or money order payable to Savary Shores Improvement District, mailed to (or dropped off at) SSID, 2785 Vancouver Blvd, Savary Island, BC V0N 2G0. Your etransfer confirmation, cheque copy, or money order copy, is your receipt.

Included in the application is the detail of responsibilities for both the Improvement District and the Property Owner. Those responsibilities are also shown here.

Savary Shores Improvement District is responsible for:

1. Provision of:
• corporation stop
• curb stop
• water meter
• dual check valve
• black meter box with extensions and cover to a minimum of 30" deep
• domestic water line up to a maximum of 200 feet
• brass fittings for connection to the residence

2. Installation of the above parts to bring water to the drainage box location as outlined in the site map submitted to the District by the homeowner.

3. Repair of leaks up to and including the check valve.

4. Supplying water, only when a District installed hookup has been properly installed and inspected as specified by the District.

The property owner is responsible for the following:

1. To peg the property corners at the road.

2. To provide an 18" x 18" x 24"-deep (inside minimum dimensions) drainage box. The box should be fabricated of 2" x 10" pressure-treated lumber or other rot-resistant material, and complete with cover.

3. To prepare a ditch with a minimum depth of 24" over the entire length from curb stop to the proposed location of the drainage box as outlined in the site map submitted to the District.

4. To bury the domestic water line with sufficient slack to prevent future damage to fittings, in a manner as approved by the District Inspector. Be sure to avoid backfilling with rocks as this may damage the pipe.

5. To notify the Administrator when the connection to the residence is ready for inspection, and make all needed improvements as requested by the District Inspector.

6. To ensure that no future joining or splicing of the domestic water line from the curb stop to the drainage box to the main residence occurs. There shall be no buried joints in the water line from the curb stop to the residence.

7. All repairs and leaks beyond the check valve on the owner's property.

8. To ensure that the curb stop is shut off if the residence will be unoccupied for more than 48 hours.

9. To notify the Administrator of any future alterations required, to ensure approved fittings are used and alteration is approved and inspected by the District Inspector.

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