Monthly Water Reports

These are the most recent bacteriological reports, from samples taken at 8 sample stations in Savary Shores on November 23, 2022. All samples show no contamination ("LT1" means less than 1 coliform per 100mL water sampled).

In October samples, one had shown 1 coliform at Sample Station 3. One coliform is in itself not harmful, but coliforms can be an indicator of a water envrionment hospitable to bacteriological growth. The Drinking Water Officer did not request chlorine disinfection for 1 coliform. SSID Operator Kerby Fisher flushed "dead ends" (non-looped sections of the waterlines) on November 11 and 12. He has advised the trustees that this will be a semi-annual maintenance procedure.

PDFs of the reports since the start of 2021 are available for download from the foot of this page. Reports from 2017-2020 can be downloaded from the Archived Reports page. For a list of other components of SSID water, see the most recent Full Spectrum Report, performed twice per year on both wells, and the Nitrates Tables recorded quarterly. Sample station locations are identified on the Waterworks System Map. Download and enlarge the map to see its legend.