Minutes of Meetings

Here are the recently adopted 2020 SSID Minutes from March 17. The April 21 2021 Minutes will be adopted at the June 16 trustee meeting, and will be posted thereafter. 2019 Minutes may be downloaded from the bottom of this page. For Minutes from 2016 - 2018, please see the Archived Minutes page.



Trustee Meeting
March 17, 2021, 10:00 a.m.
On conference: Trustee Chair Dale Gregory, Trustee Bryan Miles, Trustee John Revitt, Administrator Janine Reimer. Operator Courtney Robertson was not present, as she was tending to SSID operations.
1. Approval of the agenda
Amended to include section 6b Correspondence
Moved B.Miles, 2nd J.Revitt. Carried.
2. Approval of the minutes
2a.  January 13 Trustee Meeting

Moved B.Miles, 2nd J.Revitt. Carried.

2a (i) Business arising from the Minutes
Section 5b (iv). The administrator said she had not yet prepared an estimate on the alarm system, but would for next meeting.Administrator to prepare alarms estimate.
Section 5b (iii). Trustee Miles said he had purchased the re-keying package, which had come under budget, at about $1600. He said he’d provide keys to the administrator and operator, and would re-key the various padlocks, including at the testing stations and entrance gates at generator-2. He said he had also purchased a digitally-controlled key control box to contain all duplicates for the system.
Trustee Miles to re-key the system.
2b.  January In Camera meeting
Moved B.Miles, 2nd J.Revitt. Carried.
2b (i) Business arising from the Minutes
3. In camera
No items to discuss.
4. Operator’s report
As the operator was unavailable to deliver her report, the administrator provided a brief update.
4a. Transfer switch
The administrator said the operator would be updating the trustees either today or tomorrow on the status of the transfer switch.
4b. Generator-1
The administrator said the operator had told her that generator-1 had been working well since serviced by Frontier Power.
4c. Meter replacements
The administrator said the operator had now replaced 10 meters since 2019, and that she would be sending 5 extracted meters to Fred Surridge for testing the odometers.
4d.  Hydrant Schedule
The administrator said that the operator was focussing on resolving the transfer switch problems before starting the hydrant project. Trustee Miles commented that there was no urgency to replace the hydrants, as all were working.
5. Administrator’s Report J.Reimer
5a. Bank transfer and reserve funds
The administrator said that on March 3, she had been given permission from Trustee Miles to temporarily transfer $15,000 from the savings to the chequing account, to carry SSID’s operating costs until about April 1, when there should be enough tax revenue to transfer back the funds to savings. She gave an update on the reserve funds, currently at about $131,000.
5b. Government regarding assessments and tax notices
The administrator said she’d received a call from BC government advisor Joshua Craig, saying that the assessment notice must follow the “Class A and B” of the old template, which he subsequently emailed. He said he would approve of the 2021 tax notices as submitted, but that in 2022, they would have to revert to the wording of “Class A” or “Class B.” 
Administrator to write the 2022 Assessment and Tax Notice for trustee review.
5c. Public Health Officer orders
The administrator said the current health orders will not allow for groups larger than 10, so in case that the Order is not revised before the August AGM, a Zoom meeting should be planned as an alternative. The trustees advised that it may not be necessary to change plans yet, as vaccinations will probably affect the health orders, and that an in-person AGM is still possible if postponed to October again.
6. Trustee Reports B.Miles
6b.  Correspondence  
Trustee Miles requested that this topic 6b precede 6a. He read aloud a letter from a SSID property owner who had concerns about foul odour from a possible composting facility in Powell River. He said that although in agreement with the property owner’s concerns, he would reply that the issue is outside the mandate of SSID trustees, but may be appropriate for the ASIC board. 
Trustee Miles to reply to property owner.
Added item 6c. Asset Management Plan
Trustee Miles said he had reviewed the administrator’s recent update to the Asset Management Plan. He noted that the Asset Renewal Levy falls short of meeting the capital costs every year, and that the operating surpluses must cover the balance. He also noted that some items on the list should be reviewed and revised, as they might not need replacement as soon as projected, nor be as expensive as previously thought. Trustee Revitt agreed with a review, and cautioned that infrastructure replacements be scheduled before they reach failure.
6a. Calendar of Events
Trustee Miles explained that SSID had run out of propane for its heater, which has since been refilled, but that to avoid running out in the future, propane management should be added to the calendar of events. His revisions to the calendar included checking propane levels in January, turning off the propane heater in March, and lighting the propane heater pilot light in November.
Trustee Revitt recommended that SSID secure its propane tanks, as there had been some theft on island. Trustee Miles to look into securing the propane tanks. 
7. Next Meeting
Financial Statements review 10am Wed Apr 21, 2021.
8. Adjournment
Moved D.Gregory.
Adjourned 10:52 AM.