Minutes of Meetings

Here are the most recent minutes, from the AGM July 31, 2022. The AGM minutes will remain as draft until they are adopted or amended at the 2023 AGM. The June 16 Operations meeting minutes will be adopted in October at a date to be determined, and the August 23 Administration minutes will be adopted on October 12. Other 2021 - 2022 Minutes may be downloaded from the bottom of this page. For Minutes from 2016 - 2020, please see the Archived Minutes page.

Annual General Meeting

Sunday, July 31, 2022 1:32 pm
SSID property at 2785 Vancouver Blvd, Savary Island, BC

Present: Trustee Chair Bryan Miles, Trustee John Revitt, Trustee Emer Dubois, Administrator Janine Reimer, and 24 others, for a total of 28 attendees.

1. Opening Remarks   Chair Bryan Miles
The Chair introduced the trustees and administrator.

2. Approval of the Agenda   Moved Doug Guest, 2nd Glenn Waring. Carried.

3. Approval of AGM Minutes of 2021  Moved Kay Lutz, 2nd Mike Bamford. Carried.

4. Chair’s Report   Chair Bryan Miles
Chair Bryan Miles summarized the year as a busy one, finding new employees, reconfiguring the pump cycling, applying for a grant, and installing fire hydrants. He thanked Trustee John Revitt for his contribution, and complimented the work of Meter Reader Ruth White and Administrator Janine Reimer. He reported on the search for, and welcome addition of Operator Kerby Fisher and Water Sampler / Maintenance Staff Jake Banting. He explained the necessity and good fortune of having Electronics Consultant Neil McLean on board to problem solve issues with SSID’s automation.

The Chair announced the sad passing of Sandy Miles, who had been the administrator for Savary Shores for 23 years until 2016.

The Chair reported on the rare opportunity offered to SSID and other improvement districts in the qathet Regional District to apply for a Strategic Priorities Fund for large scale infrastructure projects. He outlined SSID’s May 18 proposal for a solar powered system to reduce SSID’s generator use by 75 percent. A 40-panel solar array would be mounted on a 1,000-square-foot building that would replace the existing storage building, provide a better space for storage, meetings, and for housing the batteries and electronics. Diesel costs would be reduced by 75 percent accordingly, and there would be 8.1 tonnes less of carbon emissions annually. The detailed cost analysis was $482,000, well within the $6 million grant limit. SSID’s proposal met all the criteria for the grant.

The Chair expressed his disappointment in our qathet Regional Director, who had not even acknowledged that a proposal was being presented from the Area he represented, whereas the two Texada projects—ultimately accepted as applicants for the grant—had been enthusiastically endorsed by their Regional Director.

The Chair explained that SSID had later reached out to MLA Rachel Blaney’s office because of her published interest in green initiatives, but that the effort had so far proven fruitless. He said we would keep trying, including contacting MP Nicholas Simons.

Chair Miles explained that typically, grant opportunities are available to improvement districts if they agree to be taken over, including their assets, by the Regional District, but that SSID is not interested in that arrangement.

SSID resident Heather Tobe thanked the Board for its efforts.

5. Operator’s Report   Trustee John Revitt
Operator Kerby Fisher was unable to attend the AGM, so Trustee Revitt read out the Operator’s Report. The report listed the main operations projects of the past year, including the installation of 2 hydrants, maintenance of all 13 hydrants, exercising of all valves other than those in the valve chamber, generator maintenance, flushing of all watermains, rebuilding a valve pit lid, and repair of a curb stop leak.

In 2023, there are plans to service and replace some valves, install 2 more hydrants, and add a water service connection.

The Operator’s Report indicated that all bacteriological and full spectrum water tests had met or exceeded drinking water guidelines, and that the nitrates testing had shown no increase.

The consumption report for 2022 was 1.8 million gallons, up from 1.5 million gallons in 2021, representing a 20 percent increase. So far in 2022, water use is down by 31 percent with May being the month of the highest consumption at 184,000 gallons.

The Operator’s Report concluded with an overall view that the system and its maintenance are in good shape.

SSID resident Doug Guest asked about the estimated service life of PVC water mains in the District. Chair Miles said that SSID’s asset management consultant had re-estimated the lifespan to be around 100 - 120 years. All pipes will not expire at one time, so SSID has not added the PVC pipe replacement into the asset management plan.

6. Five-Year Plan   Chair Bryan Miles
Chair Miles listed the annual projects planned for 2022 through 2026. He talked about Electrical Consultant Neil McLean’s help with the timing of the generators to reduce night time generator use, and noted that the system must respond to demand for water at all times.

The Chair talked about the suspension of the meter replacement program, due to continuing accuracy of meters in use. He noted that the well-1 pump and screen are aging out, but might still be fine. He mentioned the hydrant replacement program at 2 per year; possible gate valve replacements, inspection and painting of storage tanks; pursuing alternative energy for pump operation; replacing the pump house and golf cart if necessary; and annually maximizing contribution to the asset renewal fund.

7. Financial Report 2021   Administrator Janine Reimer
The administrator had provided a hardcopy spreadsheet highlighting reserves, revenue, expenses, and annual surplus, for the for the years ended 2021 and 2020. She said the reserves were at $122,946 at the end of 2021, which was down $4,500 from the year before. She noted the biggest difference between the 2 years was in the capital project expenditures, with 2021 spending at $25,000 for generator parts, switch controls, a chainlink enclosure around well-2, storage shed improvements, and new meters. She said that in the previous year 2020, the District spent $43,000 of the reserves on a new generator, transfer switch, standpipe lids, materials for shelving, 2 meters, and all the associated labour and transport costs.

The administrator said revenues for 2021 were $106,456, which was about $3,000 more than the previous year. The difference was due to additional levies and charges, as the base taxes had not changed since 2020.

The expenses in 2021 totalled $98,021 which was almost $20,000 more than the previous year. Unexpected subcontract fees related to finding and hiring an operator accounted for $6,300. Insurance and equipment maintenance were up by $1,000 each; generator maintenance was up by $2,000; water connections and fuel were up by $2,500 each.

The annual surplus in 2021 was $8,199, which was less than 2020 mainly because of the extra expenses in 2021. At year end 2021, SSID replenished the reserves with $8,000 from the annual surplus, plus $10,800 collected through taxes for asset renewal.

8. The Year 2022 as at June 30   Administrator Janine Reimer
The administrator had provided a second spreadsheet, for June 30 2022 compared to June 30 2021. She said the reserves were at $130,378 at June 30 this year, which is up $4,900 from June 30 2021. She said SSID had spent $5,600 on the installation of 2 new fire hydrants this spring, and wasn't anticipating other capital projects this year. In contrast, last year at this time, we had spent about $14,000 integrating the new generator into the system, building an enclosure around well-2, and replacing old meters.

The administrator said revenue at June 30 this year was within $1,000 of the revenue last year, with a bit more in taxes this year, and a bit more in other income last year. She said the expenses were more this year, with $4,500 related to subcontract fees for the grant application and electrical consulting. The surplus at June 30 was $58,401 which would cover operations to the end of the year, and at that time the resulting surplus would be transferred into the reserves fund.

9. Appointment of the Accountant  Administrator Janine Reimer
Motion THAT SSID re-appoint DMD as the accountant for 2022.
Moved Dale Gregory, 2nd Rick Thaddeus. Carried.

10. Election of a Trustee  Trustee John Revitt
Trustee Revitt called three times for nominees from the floor. Trustee Emer Dubois nominated SSID resident Lee Davis. There being no other nominees, Lee Davis was acclaimed for a 3-year term.

11. Trustee Remuneration  Chair Bryan Miles
Motion THAT the remuneration to trustees remain at nil.
Moved Doug Guest, 2nd Mike Bamford. Carried.

Doug Guest thanked the Board for their work.

12. Additional Remarks.  SSID resident Mike Bamford asked how the groundwater licence application was coming. The administrator said that SSID had applied a few years ago, but the BC government had a backlog and had not yet issued the licence.

13. Adjournment   Moved Chair Bryan Miles.
Adjourned 2:15pm.