Minutes of Meetings

Here are the most recently adopted 2019 SSID Minutes.
All 2018 Minutes may be downloaded from the bottom of this page. For 2017 and 2016 Minutes, please see the Archived Minutes page.

Trustee Meeting 
June 12, 10:01 am
Miles residence and on conference.

Present: Trustee Bryan Miles, Trustee John Revitt, Administrator Janine Reimer
On conference: Trustee Chair Dale Gregory, Operator Courtney Robertson

1. Approval of the agenda Moved J.Revitt, 2nd B.Miles. Carried.

2. Draft minutes of last meeting, April 20 AGM, already approved and posted to website.]

3. Motion to move in camera Moved D.Gregory, 2nd B.Miles. Carried.
Trustees came out on In Camera and reported that they had discussed an issue.

4. Operator’s Report

4a. Hydrant repair
The operator reported that hydrants #2 and #4 were back in service, as at May 3. Some bonnets still need replacement.

4b. Standpipe on Campbell Way
The operator reported that the isolation valve was leaking, and that had probably already been leaking before being struck by a vehicle. She replaced the valve with a new one, which took an hour, and she’ll order a new valve for restocking. She confirmed that the vehicle accident did not cause the leak. She suggested that a rock could be placed so that the standpipe was not struck again, and that the Cedar Way standpipe had also been struck in the past. Trustee Revitt suggested blue reflective tape as a nighttime solution.

4c. Standpipe on Manahan Rd
The operator said that the drain of the Manahan standpipe had been turned on slightly, and suggested that freeze/thaw may have been responsible, but wasn’t certain. 

Discussion led to the subject of water loss.

4c (i) Water Loss
Trustee Miles  said that meters placed at the outflow of both tanks would show if there had been any water loss from the wells to the tank, before entering the distribution lines. He added that the cost of the flow meters would be about $10,000 however. The operator said that in her research of the SCADA system, she’d found that the meters require power and must be two pipe-widths away from any 90-degree bend. She suggested that a pressure gauge might be a suitable alternate method.

Trustee Miles asked that the water loss topic be reviewed for possible approaches at a fall meeting of the 5-year financial plan. 
Administrator to schedule a trustee meeting in the fall to review the 5-year plan

[Items 4d and 4e moved to In Camera minutes, to protect the privacy of individuals involved.]

4f. Full-spectrum water tests
The operator noted the good results of the tests. There was discussion of the document prepared by Trustee Miles comparing the results of the two wells.

4g. VCH inspection 2019
The operator read aloud the VCH inspection report. The Chair said that the trustees should discuss the nitrates issue at the next meeting.

4h. Mold, mice, garbage in SSID shed
The operator advised that the main door should occasionally be opened for circulation to deal with the mold. Trustee Miles said that he has a method of blocking mice access under the main doors, and will put it on. He suggested that a fan, possibly, could help the mold problem. The operator suggested that there be a dump run for the garbage in the shed, and that the chairs should go with it. Trustee Miles to block access under doors
Administrator to arrange a dump run

5. Administrator’s Report
5a. Bank balances.
The administrator reviewed the bank balances at June 2, and explained Trustee Miles’ suggestions for fund transfers and new term accounts. 

5a (i) Motions:
THAT $10,800 be moved from the chequing account to a new savings account now, and that the $10,800 be moved from the savings account into a 2-year locked-in term deposit at 2.35% in September. Moved B.Miles, 2nd J.Revitt. Carried.

THAT the Escalator-1 funds be moved to a 12-month cashable at 1.85% in January 2020.
Moved B.Miles, 2nd D.Gregory. Carried.

THAT the Escalator-3 funds be moved to a 2-year locked-in term deposit at 2.35% now.
Moved B.Miles, 2nd D.Gregory. Carried.

5b. Taxes outstanding
The administrator reported that $3,395 was still owing from 8 lots.

5c. Summer Information Meeting Aug 4
Trustees approved the agenda Moved D.Gregory, 2nd B.Miles. Carried.

5c (i) Agenda item next meeting
The Chair said that at the next trustee meeting, trustees should discuss the lack of septic system filings in the catchment area, and what might be done about it, including bylaw options; and to ban pit toilets, with a deadline. Administrator to add to next agenda

5d. VCH permit, and emergency list
The administrator reported both completed and posted.

5e. Updated customer list
The Chair requested that the list be sent to trustees whenever it is updated.
Administrator to send customer lists to trustees after revisions

6. Trustee Report
6a. SSID shed wiring and fixtures
Trustee Miles reported that there were now lights in the storage shed that were powered by the portable generator. 

6b. Calendar of Events
No changes or comments.

7. Next Meeting 10:00 AM Fri 26th July, location to be determined.
[The meeting was later moved to Thursday August 1st, at the Miles residence.]

8. Adjournment
11:42 AM