Minutes of Meetings

Here are the recently adopted minutes from the Trustee Meeting of April 15 2023. The May 25 Operations Meeting minutes will be adopted at a June operations meeting, date to be determined. The July 31 2022 Annual General Meeting minutes are available below, but will remain as a draft until they are adopted or amended at the 2023 AGM. Other 2022 and 2023 Minutes may be downloaded from the bottom of this page. For Minutes from 2016 - 2021, please see the Archived Minutes page.

Trustee / Operations Meeting

10:30 AM Saturday April 15, 2023
via Zoom

Present: Trustee Chair Emer Dubois, Trustee Bryan Miles, Operator Kerby Fisher, Administrator Janine Reimer

1. Agenda
No prepared agenda. Impromptu meeting proposed by the operator. The operator had earlier advised the trustees by text that he had found a leak on Brian’s Way.

2. Leak discovered K.Fisher
The operator described the leak location as being on Brian’s Way, approximately where the 6-inch distribution main tees to a 4-inch main between lots 67 and 68, close to a gate valve and a hydrant. The exact location and nature of the leak would be determined after excavation.

He proposed that the leak was just now apparent because of recent increased water pressure bringing more water to the ground surface; the water pressure in the lower system had been increased by about 15 PSI in the previous week while temporarily receiving water from the upper elevated tank, because the lower tank had been emptied for inspection.

The operator said he had arranged for excavation to be done at the leak site that same day Saturday April 15. Water would have to be turned off during the work. Digging would be done slowly to prevent flooding. Next steps would be determined after seeing the leak directly.

The operator suggested an immediate notification to residents of water outage and re-chlorination.
Administrator to send MailChimp notification

3. Adjournment Moved E.Dubois.
11:00 AM