Minutes of Meetings

Here are the most recently adopted 2020 SSID Minutes. The May 2020 minutes will be adopted at the July trustee meeting, and will be posted thereafter. 2019 Minutes may be downloaded from the bottom of this page. For Minutes from 2016 - 2018, please see the Archived Minutes page.


March 16, 2020, 10:02am
On conference: Trustee Chair Dale Gregory, Trustee Bryan Miles, Trustee John Revitt, Operator Courtney Robertson, Administrator Janine Reimer.
1. Approval of the agenda Moved J.Revitt, 2nd B.Miles. Carried.
2. Approval of the Minutes
2a. December 17 Trustee Meeting Moved J.Revitt, 2nd B.Miles. Carried.
2b. December 17 In Camera Meeting Moved J.Revitt, 2nd B.Miles. Carried.
3. Postponement of the AGM
Chair Gregory said the Local Government Act does not mention a deadline for the AGM, and asked the administrator to ask government advisor Joshua Craig if SSID could move its AGM to the summer this year.
Administrator to ask Joshua Craig if AGM may be moved to summer
Trustees discussed and decided to postpone the AGM due to health risks.
THAT the administrator send a notice to property owners advising that the 2020 AGM has been postponed to a future date to be announced Moved J. Revitt, 2nd B.Miles. Carried.
Administrator to send notices
3b. Motion to move In Camera Moved B.Miles, 2nd J.Revitt. Carried.
Trustees came out of In Camera and reported that they had discussed 2 issues.
4. Operator’s Report C.Robertson
4a. Standpipe Lids
The operator reported she had spoken with Ecoterra owner Dave Scherger, who said he had made the lids, but needed some final measurements from Savary this week. The operator said she would attend with Ecoterra for the measurements when it was safe to do so, and that Ecoterra would arrange with Eric Ferreira for final installation of the standpipe lids.
4b. Automation
The operator reported she had spoken with Henry Newport of Newport Electric, who said he had not yet received the controller required for the work, and that it was due in about 5 - 7 weeks, after which the automation project could be scheduled. 
4c. Operator’s 2020 AGM Report
The operator had prepared an overview of projects completed and underway since the 2019 AGM, for compilation into a 2020 AGM Report. She provided updates on the generator-2 automation, fire hydrant servicing, nitrates sampling, storage shed improvements, water connections, meter replacements, standpipe lids, and the annual consumption report. 
Operator to provide report to administrator by Mar 24
5. Administrator’s Report J.Reimer
5a. Bank balances & Reserve Funds
The administrator had provided a chart showing the distribution on reserve funds within the bank accounts.
5b. Financial tasks
The administrator reported that 2019 excess tolls had been paid, T4As had been submitted to subcontract employees and to Revenue Canada, the 2019 WorkSafe premium was paid, and the 2019 GST refund had been deposited.
5c. Tax notice sample
The administrator had included a sample 2020 tax notice with the agenda. The trustees had no changes.
5d. Financials 2019 draft
The administrator reported that accountant Dwayne Dunn had built the 2019 financial statements with depreciation values, in accordance with Public Service Accounting Standards, as requested by the trustees. The depreciation figures had been derived from the researched historical purchase price, plus interest since the purchase date to bring the values to today’s dollars, minus depreciation since the purchase. The net result was that SSID was worth $54,772 more on paper than it would have been without the depreciation calculations.
The Chair asked if the increased value of SSID assets might cause an increase in insurance costs. The administrator said no, the insurance premium was based on replacement values of assets, whereas the financial statements show the depreciated value of assets. Trustee Miles said that the replacement values given to the insurer were reliable.
The trustees had no changes to the draft financials. The administrator said she would review the document again to better understand the effect of the new figures.
Administrator to review financials then get sign-off
5e. Customer list
The administrator had included an updated customer list with the agenda.
6. Chair’s Report D.Gregory
The Chair said he had not yet prepared his report, but would do so soon, and would like it and the other AGM reports to be available electronically. Trustee Miles suggested that the Notice of Postponed AGM advise readers of the coming reports, and the administrator said the reports could be emailed and mailed at the same time as the tax notices at the end of March. 
Chair’s AGM report due to administrator by Mar 24 
Administrator to disseminate AGM reports by email, mail and on website by Mar 28
7. Trustee’s Report B.Miles
7a. Webinar
Trustee Miles reported that he had attended a webinar held by Econics regarding cash reserves. The webinar was well organized and attended by 63 people, including some from the US and from municipalities. The cash reserve principles reviewed were what SSID has already been doing.
7b. Draft 5-year plan for AGM
Not yet complete; to come.
Trustee Miles to provide report to administrator by Mar 24
7c. Shed improvements
Trustee Miles said the shed has been cleaned up and painted, and there is more work to be done. Shelves are still to come. The big doors are difficult, and unnecessary, so should be taken out and replaced by a smaller door in a smaller frame. The operator said the large doors have become a 2-man operation. Trustee Miles asked that the administrator ask contractor Gareth Jones to provide an estimate on reframing the shed opening and installing a standard 8-foot manually operated roll-up garage door.
Administrator to ask G.Jones to estimate new door installation
7d. Budget
The 2020 budget had been revised as approved at the December 17 meeting, and had been attached with this meeting’s agenda, but the administrator said the 2019 column would have to be changed to correspond with the new financial statement figures.
Administrator to change 2019  figures to match financial statements
7e. Calendar of Events
The Calendar had been provided with the agenda, but no changes had been made since last meeting.
8. Next Meeting 10 a.m. May 4, 2020
9. Adjournment D.Gregory
11:20 a.m.