Minutes of Meetings

Here are the most recently adopted 2020 SSID Minutes. The September 2020 minutes will be adopted at the next trustee meeting, not yet scheduled, and will be posted thereafter. 2019 Minutes may be downloaded from the bottom of this page. For Minutes from 2016 - 2018, please see the Archived Minutes page.



Trustee Meeting
August 19, 2020, 10:00am
Miles residence and conference
Present: Trustee Chair Dale Gregory, Trustee Bryan Miles, Trustee John Revitt, Administrator Janine Reimer.  On conference: Operator Courtney Robertson.
1. Approval of the agenda
Moved J.Revitt, 2nd B.Miles. Carried.
2. Approval of the minutes
2a. July 8 Trustee Meeting Moved J.Revitt, 2nd B.Miles. Carried.
2b. July 8 In Camera Meeting Moved J.Revitt, 2nd B.Miles. Carried.
3. Motion to move in camera Moved B.Miles, 2nd J.Revitt. Carried.
The trustees came out of in camera, and reported having discussed two issues.
4. Operator’s report C.Robertson
4a. Generator purchase
The operator summarized the research for a new generator to replace the old V1903-BG Kubota. She had been in discussion with diesel generator supplier Frontier Power, who advised that the V1903-BG is no longer in production. Frontier had provided estimates on a KS2200 T4 and KS1200 T4. The KS2200 was considered more power than necessary, and Newport Electric had said the KS1200 would satisfy the electrical needs to run a pump and the baseboard heater, even though the continuous output of the KS1200 would actually be 10.5kW. The operator said that she was waiting for a call from Frontier to confirm that the new machine would fit the footprint of the old one.
Regarding installation, the operator said that Lund Water Taxi can install the new generator with its hi-ab. The electrician and mechanic would be onsite at that time. The 1st day would be the generator installation, and the 2nd day would be the transfer switch installation.
The transfer switch will have a timer allowing generator-2 to run during the day, and generator-1 to run at night. There will also be security outputs in the event of a generator fail. If generator-1 were to fail at night, it would require a manual override to activate generator-2. Trustee Miles commented that it is not a concern, as SSID typically has hours of water storage, and the operator agreed. Trustee Revitt asked about the decibel level, and the operator said it should be about the same as the previous generator.
The administrator said a phone line had been installed, but no security call system set up yet. The operator said that SSID should have alarms for generator failure and pump failure.
Trustee Miles asked if we would be able to run both pumps with the new generator, and the operator said no. She asked if this limitation to only one pump would affect the Fire Underwriter Survey rating for Savary Shores. Trustee Miles said no, the FUS rating was based on the rate of emergency water delivery with one pump.
The operator said the KS1200 would be $10,335 plus delivery and installation charges. She said Frontier Power is the major supplier of Kubota, and would assign a Kubota technician to SSID for annual maintenance.
THAT SSID purchase the KS1200 Moved J.Revitt. 2nd B.Miles. Carried.
The operator added that she still needs confirmation of some details from Frontier before the purchase. Administrator to wait for go ahead from operator before issuing purchase order.
4b. Hydrant maintenance.
Trustee Revitt noted that at a recent hydrant/hose demonstration in the District, the SIVFD had asked him what maintenance is required on a hydrant after its use. The operator answered it would be either of 2 types of maintenance, either a teardown or a pressure test, and that her main concern was that hydrant was shut down properly.
5. Administrator’s Report J.Reimer
5a. System Map.
The administrator reviewed some of the map details. Chair Gregory talked about how far the water district had come since he was first a trustee, especially due to the trustee team of Bryan Miles and John Swanson, and suggested a history be posted to the website. Trustee Miles said that he would compile a list of the trustees.
Trustee Miles to compile list of SSID trustees.
The operator asked for clarification of the curb stops, i.e. that there are sometimes 1 or 2 in a meter box. Administrator to adjust map to show active curb stops 
5b. Bank balances & reserve funds
The administrator reviewed SSID bank assets and reserve funds as at August 17.
5c. Tax payments outstanding
No change since last meeting.
5d. Subcontractor changes
The administrator stated for the record that Ruth White is now the SSID Meter Reader.
5e. Maintenance update.
The administrator said the fuel gauge and vacuum hose were now at the post office for pickup. She said shelving supplies were not yet purchased. There would be no new garage doors, but the frame would be fixed, and cane bolts would replace the chain locks. Vent covers had been purchased and a light-weight curbstop key had been made. The painters said they’d clean the paint spray off the skylights. 
The administrator said that Charlie from Newport Electric had suggested the solar panel be mounted to the south wall of the pump house, and did not think tree limbing or removal would be necessary for the small amount of solar required.
The administrator said that WorkSafeBC regulations require signage at the standpipes indicating “Warning: Enclosed Space.” All agreed that a stencil on the standpipe cap would suffice.
Administrator to get stencil made for standpipes
5f. Customer list
The administrator had distributed the list showing new owners at lots-115 and -104.
6. Trustee’s Report B.Miles
6a. Calendar of Events
Nothing unusual required in August, as the Summer Information Meeting had been cancelled due to COVID regulations for large gatherings.
7. Next Meeting
Not determined.
8. Adjournment Moved D.Gregory
Adjourned 11:20 AM.