Bill Payment

The discount period is now closed. Taxes not paid by May 1 are now payable at the full amount as shown on your Tax Levy issued at the end of March.

Payments to SSID may be made by etransfer to or by cheque or money order payable to Savary Shores Improvement District, mailed to (or dropped off at) SSID, 2785 Vancouver Blvd, Savary Island, BC V0N 2G0.
Your etransfer confirmation, cheque copy, or money order copy, is your receipt.

The District Tax is charged to all residents of Savary Shores, to cover infrastructure, operations, and administration of the waterworks. For 2018, the District Tax is set at $397.50, with an early-pay (before May 1, 2018) discount of $132.50 = $265.00 payable per parcel. The Connection Tax is charged to residents whose properties are connected to the water system. For 2018, the Connection Tax is set at $262.50 with an early-pay discount of $87.50 = $175.00 payable per water customer.

Residents connected to the waterworks are allotted up to 100 cubic metres of water per year. Those who use more water than the year's allotment are invoiced an Excess Use Toll in January of the following year. Tolls not paid by the February 28 deadline are subject to a 20 percent penalty. The Toll may go up or down each year, as determined by the Board of Trustees. At the end of 2017, Trustees set the 2017 Excess Use Toll at $1.00 per each cubic metre over 100 cubic metres.

Savary Shores has 53 properties that are not yet connected to the water system. Property owners interested in receiving water may Apply for a Water Connection, by downloading the form on this site, or by contacting the administrator at or 604-414-8448, or by mail to 2785 Vancouver Blvd, Savary Island BC  V0N 2G0.

The charge for a first-time connection is $835.
The charge for a disconnection, or a re-connection, is $100.