Savary Shores Improvement District was incorporated in 1980 to provide drinking water to residents of Savary Shores. Residents pay for the water service, its operations, infrastructure and administration, in annual tax levies issued by SSID, in accordance with BC Provincial regulations.

Savary Shores includes 216 lots, of which 168 are currently serviced with water connections. Water is pumped from 2 wells drawing on Savary Island's main aquifer about 110 feet below ground.

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The SSID aquifer contains clean untreated drinking water. We test the water from 8 locations in Savary Shores for the Monthly Water Reports on e-coli and total coliforms (both usually zero), and do Nitrates Tests from both wells quarterly. Twice each year, a Full-Spectrum analysis shows the levels of multiple components of our water. We also provide an Annual Report on the waterworks to the Drinking Water Officer.

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July 11, 2020

Water outages June 15 and July 7. On 2 days, residents who receive water from SSID’s Upper System were briefly out of water, with the first instance caused by a mechanical issue with generator-1, and the second caused by an electrical malfunction. Mechanics and electricians are still troubleshooting both events, while SSID’s operator and trustees are monitoring a workaround that is keeping water pumping to all residents.

2020 AGM on hold. Due to public health concerns, and by order of the Province of BC, SSID has postponed its Annual General Meeting until further notice. The AGM is the yearly meeting in which property owners hear the Chair's Year in Review, the Operator's Report, the...

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