Savary Shores Improvement District was incorporated in 1980 to deliver drinking water to residents of Savary Shores. Residents pay for the water service, and for the infrastructure, operations, and administration, in annual tax levies issued by SSID, in accordance with BC Provincial regulations.

The Waterworks System Map represents the culmination of 40 years work by volunteer trustees, SSID staff and contractors.

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The SSID aquifer contains clean untreated drinking water. We test the water from 8 locations in Savary Shores for the Monthly Water Reports on e-coli and total coliforms (both usually zero), and do Nitrates Tests from both wells quarterly. Twice each year, a Full-Spectrum analysis shows the levels of multiple components of our water. We also provide an Annual Report on the waterworks to the Drinking Water Officer.

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September 27, 2022

BOIL WATER ADVISORY LIFTED — WATER IS SAFE TO DRINK as confirmed by the Drinking Water Officer on September 10.

Welcome new trustee, Lee Davis. SSID is happy to announce that on July 31, Lee Davis was acclaimed as the new trustee for the District. Lee takes up the position previously held by John Revitt, who served SSID for 4 years. The new SSID Board has voted in trustee Emer Dubois to be Chair for this year before the 2023 AGM.

Annual General Meeting was July 31. The 2022 AGM was held outdoors on a hot Sunday. Volunteers helped sign in the guests, and Pascal Simon brought over chairs and tables from the Hacienda. Thank you.

Bryan Miles presented the Chair's Report on the people,...

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