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Water outages June 15 and July 7. On 2 days, residents who receive water from SSID’s Upper System were briefly out of water, with the first instance caused by a mechanical issue with generator-1, and the second caused by an electrical malfunction. Mechanics and electricians are still troubleshooting both events, while SSID’s operator and trustees are monitoring a workaround that is keeping water pumping to all residents.

2020 AGM on hold. Due to public health concerns, and by order of the Province of BC, SSID has postponed its Annual General Meeting until further notice. The AGM is the yearly meeting in which property owners hear the Chair's Year in Review, the Operator's Report, the previous year's financials, and the 5-year plan. SSID engages an accountant for the current year, and elects or acclaims a trustee for the coming 3-year term.

The files are available for download from the Reports webpage, or as paper copies if requested from the administrator at 604-414-8448. The procedures for appointment of an accountant and election of a trustee are not yet determined.

The Summer Information Meeting will not be held this year.

The deadline for early-pay discounts was end of day May 1, 2020. Statements of full amounts payable will be issued June 1 to property owners who have not submitted by deadline. Ways to pay, are shown on the Statement, on the Tax Notice, and on the Bill Payment webpage. The original Tax Notices for 2020 were sent out at the end of March. 

There are 3 taxes in 2020: the District Tax, the Connection Tax, and the Asset Renewal Levy introduced in 2019. The District Tax and the Asset Renewal Levy are issued for every property in Savary Shores, and the Connection Tax is issued only for properties connected to the SSID water system. For more information on the Asset Renewal Levy, see the Asset Renewal Levy page.  

Assessment Notices 2020 were emailed February 9, and mailed to non-email recipients on February 11. The Assessment is not an invoice or tax notice, so does not reflect an amount payable. The amount payable is indicated on the tax notice that was issued at the end of March.

In accordance with BC regulations, SSID issues Assessment Notices to let property owners know in advance which SSID taxes and levies are applicable to their SSID property in 2020, and to provide an opportunity for property owners to appeal the assessment by February 24, so that a Court of Revision may review the appeal on February 25. The appeal deadline has now passed.

Excess Water Use Tolls invoices for 2019 were issued January 2, 2020. Trustees set the 2019 rate at $1.00 per metre over the 100 cubic metre allottment. If you did not receive an invoice, it means you did not exceed the allotment. 

Chlorine Flush conducted 9:00 AM Tuesday September 3, 2019.
On August 20, 2019, six of the eight sample stations tested "less than 1" for coliforms and e.coli per 100mL, but two stations registered 1 coliform each. This coliform count was too small to require a boil-water advisory. On August 27, SSID's Operator flushed the two stations, which cleared one, but not the other. On September 1, SSID released a Notice of Chlorine Flush to our email recipients, and posted signs in the District. On September 3, the Operator flushed again, this time with chlorine throughout the system, which resulted in a "less than 1" per 100mL at the final station.

The flush was complete in a couple of hours. The Operator had sent a small amount of chlorine through the water distribution lines to remove any potential biological contaminants. The amount of chlorine is within the Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines. During the flush, residents may have noticed a chlorine taste in the drinking water. SSID recommends that any residual chlorine taste may be eliminated by running a tap for a minimum of five minutes.

Fire Insurance Upgrade 2017. Savary Island was upgraded for fire insurance purposes following a review in June 2017 by the Fire Underwriter Survey. The Public Fire Protection was upgraded from 10 to 8 for Savary Shores, and the Dwelling Protection Grade was reclassified in Savary Shores from 5 to 4. Both ratings establish Savary Shores as “limited protection,” rather than “unprotected.” The rest of Savary Island, which has no hydrant system, is rated as PFPC 9 and DPG 4. The gradings could be further elevated if the fire department roster of full-time members increased to 15.