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Deadline was February 29 for Excess Toll payments. Excess Tolls invoices were sent to property owners whose 2023 usage was in excess of the 100 cubic meter annual allotment. If you did not receive an invoice, you did not exceed the allotment. Late payments are 20% higher, as outlined in the Excess Tolls Bylaw.

Deadline has passed to challenge Assessments. SSID Assessment Notices were issued February 9, letting Savary Shores residents know their property's Tax Class. Residents were advised they could challenge the assessed Tax Class (A for water customer; or B for not a water customer) if it had been incorrectly assessed. No challenges were received by the February 23 deadline.

Upper Tank exterior cleaned. On February 20 and 22, the roof and lower rim of the upper tank's exterior was cleaned so that we'd be able to see any rusted areas. We found the amount of rust to be minimal. It will be gently ground out before spot-painting later this spring.

Tax Notices will be issued end March. Tax Notices will be issued to SSID owners at the end of March, with a discounted total payable by May 1.

SSID Change of Address—only if paying by mail. Most residents in Savary Shores use Interac etransfer to pay taxes and tolls, and that is working well, thank you. For those of you who prefer using Canada Post, please note the busy Lund Post Office has a requirement that there be Box 176 on every piece of SSID mail, or risk the mail being returned. Our address is therefore: Box 176, 2785 Vancouver Blvd, Lund BC V0N 2G0.

New Water Use and Distribution Regulation Bylaw 136. This important regulation was registered with the provincial government on January 4 2024. It replaces Bylaw 102, and contains clauses regarding Commercial Use.

Update, as requested at the AGM. On October 31, SSID issued a newsletter regarding the status of the generator complaint and associated costs, and provided an opportunity for written replies, by November 21. We thank all who contributed. A summary of the replies was emailed to owners on December 15, and can also be found at Property Owners' Responses.

SSID does not share its property owners email list. The list is confidential in accordance with Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation. Email addresses are hidden, and an unsubscribe option is provided.

SSID exceeded Provincial water use reduction target during Drought Level 5. The Ministry of Forests requested in summer emails that SSID, as a groundwater user, reduce consumption by 50%. SSID met and exceeded the 50% target, as residential consumption in September was 72% lower than July, and 63% lower than August.

Annual General Meeting complete.  The 2023 AGM was attended by 40 people. In addition to the Chair's Report, Operator's Report, Financial Report, Appointment of the Accountant, Trustee Election, and Trustee Remuneration, there was community questions and input on expenditues for addressing ongoing complaints from the property adjacent to SSID's generators. Draft minutes will be amended or adopted at the 2024 AGM.

The 2017 Fire Underwriter's Survey established Savary Shores Improvement District as "limited protection" rather than the previous rating "unprotected." The Dwelling Protection Grade was 4, and the Public Fire Protection Classification was 8 (out of 10, Grade-1 is highest). The FUS Survey was updated in 2020. SSID has not been re-examined or re-graded by FUS since 2017.