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Short Water Shutdowns Fri Jun 9 - Fri Jun 16
Savary Shores residents are still experiencing lower than normal water pressure after recent maintenance and repair work. For some residents, the drop is notable. SSID's Operator has flushed the system to expel air and debris that could be responsible. The flushing helped, but should be repeated, possibly over several days. During flushing, residents may experience brief periods of extremely low water pressure or have no water at all.

From Friday June 9 through Friday June 16, there will be daily 2-hour water shutdowns from 10 AM to 12 noon during system flushing. This maintenance schedule is meant to get ahead of the summer increase of water use, which can lower the pressure further. The flushing period may be fewer days if the results are better than expected. There is no need to store more water than you might need between 10 AM and noon each day. And there will be no chlorine added to the system.

If you require more information: 604-414-8448 or administrator@savaryshoreswater.ca

10:30 AM Sunday July 30 is the Annual General Meeting.  The 2023 Notice of AGM will be sent to SSID property owners on July 14, and will outline the topics to be reviewed this year. In addition to the Chair's Report, Operator's Report, Financial Report, and Election of a Trustee, there will be discussion of a legal consideration seeking community input, as SSID property owners are funding all efforts on this issue.

For last year's AGM topics, see the draft Minutes of the 2022 AGM.

The 2017 Fire Underwriter's Survey established Savary Shores Improvement District as "limited protection" rather than "unprotected." The Dwelling Protection Grade was 4, and the Public Fire Protection Classification was 8 (out of 10, Grade-1 is highest). The FUS Survey was updated in 2020. SSID has not been re-examined or re-graded by FUS since 2017.