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AGM scheduled for August 4.  The 2024 Annual General Meeting will be held at 10:30am Sunday August 4 2024 at the Hacienda at Vancouver Blvd & Brian's Way. As usual, there will be presentations from the Chair, Operator, and Administrator; re-appointment of SSID's Accountant; vote on continuation of Trustee Remuneration; and possibly a Trustee Election.

Trustee Brent Brucker has offered to fill the 3-year term vacancy starting August 4 if he is either voted in or acclaimed at the AGM. In 2023, Trustee Brucker stepped in to fill the last year of previous trustee Emer Dubois's term from which she'd stepped down.

If you would like to run for election as a Trustee, or would like to nominate another, please see more information on SSID Elections and eligibility on our webpage Elections.

New Water Use and Distribution Regulation Bylaw 136. This important regulation was registered with the provincial government on January 4 2024. It replaces Bylaw 102, and contains clauses regarding Commercial Use.

Hydrants installed May 10-11. The hydrants at Patricia Cres / Manahan Rd and at Blair Rd / Arbutus Rd, have been replaced. These are the 3rd and 4th replacements of the 13-Hydrant Replacement Program.

Upper Tank exterior thickness testing and spot-painting completed in April. The roof and part of the upper tank's exterior were cleaned in February so as to show any rusted areas. Ultrasound thickness testing on the exterior was completed April 10. Rust was gently ground out before treating with a rust converter and spot-painted April 19. The thickness report identifies areas of steel degradation that will effect the service life of the tank. Options for refurbishment or replacement will be considered.

Update, as requested at 2023 AGM. On October 31, SSID issued a newsletter regarding the status of the generator complaint and associated costs, and provided an opportunity for written replies, by November 21. We thank all who contributed. A summary of the replies was emailed to owners on December 15, and can also be found at Property Owners' Responses.

SSID does not share its property owners email list. The list is confidential in accordance with Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation. Email addresses are hidden, and an unsubscribe option is provided.

SSID exceeded Provincial water use reduction target during Drought Level 5. The Ministry of Forests requested in summer emails that SSID, as a groundwater user, reduce consumption by 50%. SSID met and exceeded the 50% target, as residential consumption in September was 72% lower than July, and 63% lower than August.

The 2017 Fire Underwriter's Survey established Savary Shores Improvement District as "limited protection" rather than the previous rating "unprotected." The Dwelling Protection Grade was 4, and the Public Fire Protection Classification was 8 (out of 10, Grade-1 is highest). The FUS Survey was updated in 2020. SSID has not been re-examined or re-graded by FUS since 2017.