Drinking Water Protection Bylaw

As directed by the Drinking Water Officer for Vancouver Coastal Health, SSID engaged a hydrogeologist in July 2017 to determine the shape and size of a Wellhead Protection Area in Savary Shores. The resulting Well Protection Plan (WPP) is now complete.
The Well Protection Map is taken from the WPP. It shows the Setback Area that includes properties within 60 metres of the two community wells, and the larger Groundwater Protection Zone where groundwater drains toward the wells.
The Drinking Water Officer also required that SSID adopt bylaw regulations to protect the drinking water. Draft-7 of the Drinking Water Protection Bylaw no. 123 was discussed at the SSID Annual General Meeting on April 14, 2018. Suggestions from the DWO were considered and incorporated into draft-8. After more consideration and changes, draft-10 was handed over to lawyers specializing in BC government legislation including water law. Draft-12 became the final version, and has undergone its first and second readings. The Drinking Water Protection Bylaw 123 will be adopted in August 2018.


It should be said that both the hydrogeologist and the Drinking Water Officer have commended SSID on a well-run system. SSID’s operations have ensured that the community’s drinking water is well within the Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines for purity. The Wellhead Protection Plan states that, “There has been a good monitoring record of physical and chemical water quality dating back to 1989.”

There is concern however, that if the current sewerage use in the Groundwater Protection Zone were to increase, which is probable due to population increase, the drinking water for all 216 properties of SSID could be affected by increased levels of contaminants.

If you have any concerns or questions, please submit them in writing to the Trustees of the Improvement District, by contacting the Administrator by email at administrator@savaryshoreswater.ca or by mail to 2785 Vancouver Blvd, Savary Island, BC V0N 2G0.
Michael Nguyen is the Drinking Water Officer at Vancouver Coastal Health. He can be contacted at 604-485-3324, michael.nguyen@vch.ca

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