Savary Shores Improvement District was incorporated in 1980 to provide drinking water to residents of Savary Shores. Residents pay for the water service, and for the operations, infrastructure and administration, in annual tax levies issued by SSID, in accordance with BC Provincial regulations. Read more . . .


The SSID aquifer contains clean untreated drinking water. We conduct Monthly Drinking Water Reports sampling from 8 locations to test for E-coli and total coliforms. A Full-Spectrum analysis is performed twice a year from both wells to watch the levels of multiple components of our water.

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Fire Insurance Upgrade 2017  Savary Island has been upgraded for fire insurance purposes. A review occurred in June 2017 by the Fire Underwriter Survey, and has resulted in a Public Fire Protection Classification upgrade from 10 to 8 for Savary Shores, and a Dwelling Protection Grade reclassification of Savary Shores from 5 to 4. Both ratings establish Savary Shores as “limited protection,” rather than “unprotected.” The rest of Savary Island, which has no hydrant system, is rated as PFPC 9 and DPG 4. The gradings might be further elevated if the fire department roster of full-time members were to increase to 15.

Wellhead Protection Plan. 
The Wellhead Protection Plan is now available for...

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