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Wellhead Protection Plan.  The Wellhead Protection Plan is now available for download. See our webpage Well Protection Plan for the letter identifying affected properties. SSID's next step is the development of SSID Bylaw No. 123 that will incorporate the recommendations of the Plan.

SGM. The Summer General Meeting was held at 2:00pm on Sunday August 6 of the August Long Weekend at the Hacienda on Savary Island.

AGM. The Annual General Meeting was held Saturday April 15, 2017, at at the Hacienda on Savary Island.

Tax Notices were issued March 27 and 28. The deadline for discounted tax payments was May 1.

Assessment Notices were issued February 9 and 10. The deadline for appeals was Friday February 24.

Excess Tolls invoices were issued January 2 for parcel water use greater than 100 cubic meters in 2016. The payment deadline was February 28. A 20% surcharge was applied to overdue amounts.