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Assessment Appeals are due today Feb 24 2018. Assessment Notices were issued February 5. The purpose of the Assessment is to identify your property as either a District Tax lot, or a Connection + District Tax lot. District Tax identifies your property as being in Savary Shores, and the Connection Tax identifies your property as being connected to the SSID water system. If there are no appeals, Tax Levies will be based on the assessments as issued, and will be distributed at the end of March.

Excess Water Use Tolls invoices were issued January 1, 2018. Trustees have set the rate at $1.00 per cubic meter over the 100 cubic meters allotted per parcel in the 2017 calendar year. If you did not receive an invoice, you did not exceed the allotment. The payment deadline is Wednesday February 28. A 20% surcharge will apply after February 28 to overdue amounts. Click Bill Payment for ways to pay.

Tax Levy Notices 2018 will be issued at the end of March. The deadline for discounted tax payments is May 1.

SSID Bylaw 123, 2018  As directed by the Drinking Water Officer, SSID trustees are in the process of writing a bylaw to protect the purity of aquifer water that is distributed from SSID's 2 wells to 165 properties in the District. It is now anticipated that the bylaw will be completed in spring 2018, and posted to this site at that time. Trustees will present it at the SSID Annual General Meeting.

AGM 2018. The Annual General Meeting will be in March or April, but is not yet scheduled.

Fire Insurance Upgrade 2017. Savary Island has been upgraded for fire insurance purposes. A review occurred in June 2017 by the Fire Underwriter Survey, and has resulted in a Public Fire Protection Classification upgrade from 10 to 8 for Savary Shores, and a Dwelling Protection Grade reclassification of Savary Shores from 5 to 4. Both ratings establish Savary Shores as “limited protection,” rather than “unprotected.” The rest of Savary Island, which has no hydrant system, is rated as PFPC 9 and DPG 4. The gradings might be further elevated if the fire department roster of full-time members were to increase to 15.

Wellhead Protection Plan 2017.  The Wellhead Protection Plan is now available for download. See our webpage Well Protection Plan for the letter identifying affected properties. SSID's next step is the development of SSID Bylaw No. 123 that will incorporate the recommendations of the Plan.

SGM 2017. The Summer General Meeting was held at 2:00pm on Sunday August 6 of the August Long Weekend at the Hacienda on Savary Island.

AGM 2017. The Annual General Meeting was held Saturday April 15, 2017, at at the Hacienda on Savary Island.

Tax Levy Notices 2017 were issued March 27 and 28. The deadline for discounted tax payments was May 1.

Assessment Notices 2017 were issued February 9 and 10. The deadline for appeals was Friday February 24. No appeals were received.