Minutes of Meetings

Here are the most recently adopted SSID Trustee Meeting Minutes. All 2017 Minutes may be downloaded from the bottom of this page. For earlier Minutes, please see page Archive 2016.

Trustee Meeting
Thursday, October 17, 2017, 10:06 am
Miles residence.

Present: Trustee Chair D.Gregory, Trustee B.Miles, Operator C.Robertson, Administrator J.Reimer

1. Approval of the Agenda
Motion to approve the agenda as amended with added items 5d Bank Balances and 5e FUS Report.
        Moved B.Miles, 2nd D.Gregory. Carried.

2. Approval of the Minutes
of September 7 trustee meeting and In Camera meeting    Moved B.Miles, 2nd D.Gregory. Carried.

3. In Camera
Motion to move in camera    Moved D.Gregory, 2nd B.Miles. Carried.

The trustees rose from in camera, and reported that they had discussed emergency protocols and had passed three motions to ratify the subcontracts of Gate Valve Maintenance, Fire Hydrant Maintenance, and Hookup Inspector.

4. Balfour Report
4a. Discussion of final document
Trustee Miles summarized that the trustees are pleased with the report and Dan Glover’s support of it.

[Off the agenda] Schedules.
The Chair said he is unavailable in the new year until February 4; Trustee Miles said his November has not been determined but that he would be gone all of December; the Operator said she would be in a BCWWA course in Nanaimo on November 26 – December 1, and that she will also be attending an EOCP course being held by the PRRD in November sometime, date to be determined.

[Off the agenda] Bylaw workshop.
The Administrator reported that the bylaw workshop had been worthwhile, and that it had outlined a formula for writing content, the prescribed structure, do’s and don’ts, and language. She said that the original draft she’d prepared using the Texada bylaw for reference would have to be revised further, and that the revisions would require some concepting with the trustees.
        Administrator to prepare meeting for concepts

4b. Discussion of Dan Glover’s additional recommendations.
4b. (i) “Lack of surface sealing on well 1”
The Trustees and Operator agreed that there should be a surface seal added to well 1. Trustee Miles suggested there may need to be a containment built.
        Administrator to contact well driller Paul Anderson to discuss what might be required

4b. (ii) “Depth of observation well in relation to the 2 operating wells.”
Trustees acknowledged that SSID needs a way of measuring the water level, now that we know the Observation Well cannot provide that data on our aquifer. The administrator reviewed the cost of data loggers that would measure the water. Operator Robertson said she’d prefer to wait until she’d completed research into the SCADA system alarms, and if possible, incorporate water level measuring into that system.
        Operator Robertson to contact SCADEX Automation Corp

4b. (iii) “The potential future development of lot 40 which is partially within the capture zone. If any sewerage system is to be constructed here in the future, it must be on that portion of the lot identified as being outside of the capture zone.”
Trustees approved the administrator’s draft letter to the owner of lot 40 advising of the Drinking Water Officer’s requirement.
        Administrator to send letter to owner lot 40.

4b. (iv)  “Protection of the source from pathogens will be vital to the possibility of continuing to provide water without ongoing disinfection.”
The administrator reported that the CWSA was offering a free seminar in Nanaimo on November 29 in which pathogen protection would be the focus.

THAT the administrator may attend the seminar in Nanaimo on November 29
        Moved Trustee Miles, 2nd Chair Gregory. Carried.

        Administrator to attend seminar in Nanaimo.

4b. (v) “It is worth SSID considering some form of property use controls to ensure nitrate loading is not increased in the existing sewerage systems.”
 Chair Gregory said that the property use controls will be written into the bylaw.

4b. (vi) “Perhaps the requirement for nitrate removal systems to be installed for sewerage systems where commercial rentals are made available?”
The administrator said she had told the Drinking Water Officer that cabin owners would never make their money back in rentals, and that we don’t necessarily know which owners have rental cabins.

Chair Gregory said that being that people who will have a nitrogen removal system installed will benefit the whole District, so the SSID should consider financial assistance to those lot owners.

4b. (vii) “You do not want water demand to increase to the point the recharge is not adequate.”
[Administrator’s note: This will be addressed after Operator Robertson has completed her research into the SCADA system. JR]

4b. (viii) “Setback 60 metres for a septic field” and “setback 30 m from a septic tank to either well.”
[Administrator’s note: It’s determined that these items will become part of the Setback Bylaw. JR]

4b. (ix) Dan Glover will investigate his ability to prescribe retrofits to the sewerage systems on lots 48 and 125, and will investigate his ability to require a nitrogen removal system to be installed on any future sewerage systems on lots 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47 and 118, which all appear to be within the capture zone.
Chair Gregory said that the requirement for a nitrogen removal system cannot go into the Setback Bylaw until Dan Glover has completed his investigation.

4c. Establish time table for implementation of recommendations, and
4d. Creation of Bylaw or set of Bylaws for the Well Protection process.
 Trustee Miles suggested that a revised draft of the Setback Bylaw could be aimed for year end.
        Administrator to prepare a schedule for having a revised draft by year end.

4e. Discussion of Waterloo Biofilter costs and incorporation into bylaw
The administrator said that the Hydrogeologist specifies only the 50% nitrogen removal system, rather than the 95% removal, and that the cost to lot owners would therefore be $4000-$5000 less than previously calculated.
        Administrator to assemble costs for further discussion

4f. Drinking Water Protection Area signage
Trustees gave their approval on the signage version that indicated a fine of $2000, but said that the signs should be produced and installed without that text until the bylaw is written, after which the text can be added as an adhesive strip. It was decided that a quantity of 10 would suffice. Trustees reviewed the map of the Catchment Area to determine locations for the signs on road allowance.
        Administrator to get prices on 10 signs
        Administrator to ask the MoT Area Mgr Pat Devereaux for approval of the signage

5. New Business
5a. Review RFQ for new Generator Building
Trustee Miles explained that the generator would be at the back of the storage shed. The administrator said she would be discussing the project with the 3 main construction contractors on Savary and would issue the Request for Quote.
        Administrator to contact the contractors

5b. Storage Shed Renovation
Trustee Miles reported that the material had been delivered, and costs approximately $400. He said he would work on the construction in the next week and a half.

Operator Robertson commented that an inventory check would not be able to go ahead until after Bill Taylor was back at work.

5c. Small Water Systems Workshop Report
Trustee Miles reported that the workshop in Parksville on October 5 had been worthwhile. There had been 2 presenters from Associated Engineering. The BCWWA’s publication “Taking Care of Our Small Water Systems” had been covered from start to finish, and would be good to have more copies. There was a questionnaire supplied to review and improve the water system. Trustee Miles said that when time permits, SSID should fill out the questionnaire.

5d. Bank Balances
The administrator said the chequing account would need more cash in November. Trustee Miles asked that she provide a projection to year end. He estimated a transfer of about $15,000.
        Administrator to provide budget projection to year end

Trustee Miles also instructed that the amount paid to John Balfour for the Wellhead Protection Plan be moved from the Reserve Fund into the operating funds.
        Administrator to make the Reserve Fund adjustment before year end

Trustee Miles also said that he had been adding up the costs associated with the Wellhead Protection Plan and the Setback Bylaw, for presentation at the 2018 AGM.
        Trustee Miles to assemble costs for the 2018 AGM

5e.  FUS Report
Trustee Miles discussed the positive outcome of the Fire Underwriters Survey in that Savary Shores has achieved a semi-protected rating, and would save property owners insurance.

The administrator said she would put the news on the website.
        Administrator to add this news to the website

6. Old Business
6a. Task List
Operator Robertson reviewed the 14 items of the Task List. It was determined that the she would arrange with Brian Voth to assist in repairing damaged boards under curbstops. She explained that the inventory record would have to be done before gate valve and hydrant maintenance, so that it could be determined what parts would be necessary. There was discussion of the tank inspection schedule.
        Administrator to find out when was the last tank inspection
        Operator to send the revised task list to the administrator

7. Next meeting
Tentatively booked for Tuesday November 14 or Wednesday November 15, but depends on whether the Operator can make it. Chair Gregory stated a preference for the 14th.

8. Adjournment
Motion to adjourn    Moved D.Gregory.

Adjourned 12:35 pm


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