Minutes of Meetings

Here are the most recent SSID Minutes. These Minutes from the Annual General Meeting 2018 will not be adopted until the 2019 AGM. All 2018 Minutes may be downloaded from the bottom of this page. For 2017 and 2016 Minutes, please see the Archived Minutes page.

Annual General Meeting
Saturday, April 14, 2018, 1:30 pm
The Hacienda, 2778 Vancouver Blvd, Savary Island, BC

Present: Chair Dale Gregory, Trustee Bryan Miles, Operator Courtney Robertson, Administrator Janine Reimer, SSID’s accountant Dwayne Dunn, and 15 SSID property owners.

Documents for attendees: Agenda, Draft Minutes of 2017 AGM, 2017 Financial Statements, 2018 Budget, Nitrates Table, Drinking Water Protection Bylaw no.123 draft-7, and one copy on display of the Wellhead Protection Plan.

1. Opening Remarks
Chair Gregory welcomed all present and introduced the Board, Operator, and Administrator.

2. Approval of the Agenda Moved Bill Duncan, 2nd Kay Lutz. Carried.

3. Approval of AGM Minutes of April 10, 2016.
Moved Copper Strenja, 2nd Midge Dalsin. Carried.

4. Chair’s Report Chair Gregory
Chair Gregory read from his report, attached. He recalled the boil water advisory, chlorination flushes, and tank repair of 2009, followed by the backup systems, the new Water Act, and water licencing requirements. He talked about the setback requirement and hydrogeology report as required by the Drinking Water Officer.

4a. Questions/Comments:
Who’s the Drinking Water Officer?
Dan Glover. There’ll be a new Drinking Water Officer in May.

Which government bodies are responsible for licences and permits?
Ministry of Forests Lands and Natural Resource Operations for the licence; Ministry of Health (Vancouver Coastal Health) for the permit.

Trustee Miles described the water licencing delays and problems.

5. Report from the Review Accountant Dwayne Dunn
Dwayne Dunn, SSID’s review accountant, explained the difference between a review and an audit. He explained that the trustees help create the statements. He said that Improvement Districts follow the same accounting standards as cities do. He reviewed the financial statements page by page, comparing 2016 figures to 2017 figures, explaining the reasons for the differences. He noted that SSID had deficit of $11,829 in 2017, and that the reserve fund finished the year at just under $150,000.

5a. Questions/Comments:
What are “Class B” taxes? Trustee Miles explained the old and new nomenclature of the 2 taxes.

Is there a maximum surplus we’re working toward? Trustee Miles said no, but that we have to put money aside for replacement, which should end up being about $1.5 million. He talked about life expectancy of infrastructure, as per industry standards, as being part of the calculations, and as an example gave the estimated fire hydrant life expectancy of 50 years for when we will need to have $30,000 available for replacement, and added that we don’t know exactly when. He said that if SSID were to borrow, it would impact water rates for servicing the debt. Chair Gregory said that SSID had been able to pay for the $100 tank replacement in 2009 from the reserve fund.

What were the trustee expenses? Trustee Miles talked about the CWSA conference that is attended every year.

6. Budget 2018 and Five-Year Plan 2018 – 2023 Trustee Miles
Trustee Miles reviewed the budget, and said that the 10 percent increase this year would be the same again next year and beyond. He explained that SSID has taken a look at what other water systems are doing in regard to rates, and that some are 2-1/2 times what SSID property owners pay, with an example of $1200 per year at a mainland system vs. the $440 paid at SSID.

Trustee Miles talked about the unexpected $10,000 cost of the Wellhead Protection Plan in 2017, the gate valves to be fixed this coming fall, and the new generator enclosure this spring. He said that in 2019 we’d be spending another $4000 for a chain link fence around well-2, and that in 2020 the lower tank might need some work. He said that SSID has to start replacing its water meters that have reached their 25-year life expectancy, and that we had not succeeded in getting a grant for it.

7. Operator’s Report Operator Courtney Robertson
The Operator read from her report detailing work completed since the 2017 AGM, including service and repair to hydrants and a standpipe, review of gate valve conditions, incorporation of security logs, updating to the inventory record, and the setting of a generator maintenance schedule. She said the alternating switch between pumps was now operational. She discussed the spring tank inspections and the minor paint blistering discovered in the lower tank, and the “pristine” condition of SSID water. She said a chlorination flush had been completed, and would be done each spring.

For upcoming projects, the Operator listed the repair of meter bases, gate valves, and hydrants, and research into SCADA, a remote alarm system.

Where is Eric Ferreira? [previous Operator] Trustee Miles said that Eric Ferreira had resigned in September 2017, and that SSID is required to maintain an Operator with EOCP accreditation. Operator Courtney Robertson added that Eric is still available to work with SSID.

The Operator continued her report. She said that 5,792 cubic meters of water was pumped in 2017; the generator consumed 1,799 litres of diesel; and the peak pumping was 78.37 cubic meters in one day at a flow rate of 36.4 gallons per minute. She said water use was down from the previous year by 9 percent, and no leaks had been found.

7a. Questions/Comments:
Jorg Lutz, a previous trustee, advised that 30 gallons per minute should be the maximum flow rate, so as to prevent salinity in the water.

8. Election of Trustees
8a. The Administrator said that Dale Gregory had submitted his name for the 2018-2021 term. She asked three times if anyone else would step forward for the position. There being none, Dale Gregory was acclaimed.

8b. The Administrator said that John Revitt had submitted his name for the balance of the 2016-2019 term, and read aloud Mr Revitt’s bio. She asked three times if anyone else would step forward for the position. There being none, John Revittt was acclaimed.

9. Trustee Remuneration
Chair Gregory asked that someone make a motion that the trustee remuneration be nil again this year.
Moved Copper Strenja, 2nd Bill Duncan. Carried.

10. Appointment of the Review Accountant
Chair Gregory asked that someone make a motion for Del Mistro Dunn to be appointed Review Accountant for SSID in 2018.
Moved Rick Thaddeus, 2nd Bruce Brown. Carried.

11. Community Engagement on Drinking Water Protection Bylaw
11a. Administrator’s Report Administrator Janine Reimer
The Administrator read from her report that itemized the research and tasks she had done in preparing the draft bylaw. The report was cut short as questions were raised by those attending.

11b. Questions/Comments
If the Drinking Water Officer has the authority, not SSID, then how can SSID write the bylaw?
The Administrator said the bylaw restates the Drinking Water Officer’s authority.

Has SSID considered eletrodialysis at the source? Trustee Miles said treatment of nitrates at the source had been researched and found not to be possible. There was some discussion on this.

Are we here to discuss the bylaw or is it already decided? It was explained that SSID adoption of the 60-metre (radius) Setback Area was a requirement.

Chair Gregory announced that he would have to leave at that time. As there was no longer a quorum of trustees, the AGM was adjourned.

Adjourned 15:15 pm

[Note: Trustee Miles and the Administrator stayed on for another half-hour to discuss the bylaw with those still present.]

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