Minutes of Meetings

Here are the most recently adopted SSID Trustee Meeting Minutes. All 2017 Minutes may be downloaded from the bottom of this page.

Trustee Meeting
Friday, August 25, 2017, 3:00 pm
Gregory residence.

Present: Trustee Chair D.Gregory, Trustee B.Miles, Trustee J.Isert, Administrator J.Reimer
On conference call: Operator C.Robertson

1. Approval of the Agenda
Motion to start with in camera item    Moved D.Miles, 2nd B.Miles. Carried.
Motion to approve the agenda as amended    Moved J.Isert, 2nd B.Miles. Carried.

2. Approval of the Minutes
of August 3 trustee meeting and In Camera meeting    Moved B.Miles, 2nd J.Isert. Carried.

Trustees clarified 2 questions made at the SGM. Minutes of the SGM were approved with the clarification. Adoption of the SGM Minutes will be done at the 2018 SGM.

3. In Camera
Motion to move in camera    Moved J.Isert, 2nd B.Miles. Carried.
The trustees rose from in camera, and reported having discussed wellhead capture zone activity, and a consultancy agreement.

Motion to move in camera    Moved D.Gregory, 2nd B.Miles. Carried.
The trustees rose from in camera, and reported having further discussed the in camera items.

4. New Business

4a. Site Visit by Bryan Jackson, MFLNRO
Chair Gregory reported that Bryan Jackson had said the Observation Well was working well. The Chair told him that John Balfour had been surprised that the Obs Well and Well-1 don’t influence each other. Bryan Jackson was to check the data.

4b. BCWWA magazine articles

4b. (i) Emergency Response Plan
Trustee Miles spoke about a recent BCWWA article on risk management and emergency response. He said SSID’s Emergency Response Plan should be comprehensive, including protocols for various emergencies. Operator Robertson said that the Lund Waterworks had some good baseline documents that could be incorporated by SSID. Trustee Miles indicated that he would want to be part of the meetings to develop the ERP, and that it should be done soon.
        Administrator to coordinate a meeting date for Emergency Response planning.

4b. (ii) Sustainable SWS Workshop
Trustee Miles said that BCWWA was hosting a free workshop for Sustainable Water Systems, and that SSID should consider attending.
        Administrator to find out whether the workshop is in Nanaimo or Parksville
        Administrator to inquire as to the date/place of the Squamish workshop

4c. Trustee Election 2018
Chair Gregory said that he hadn’t decided whether or not to retire as a trustee, in that he’d like to  see the setback issue through to completion. Trustee Miles re-opened the concept of establishing a “senate” of previous trustees who are called upon for their knowledge of the District.

Chair Gregory suggested that the Ministry might be more receptive to the idea of 5 trustees on the SSID board now that there are more regulations to manage.

THAT SSID approach Joshua Craig with a request to increase the number of trustees from 3 to 5.
        Moved D.Gregory, 2nd J.Isert.
Rationale included: Lund having 5 trustees; the increase in summer residents since the previous time that SSID proposed this; the introduction of the new Water Act, water licencing, OCP changes, and a setback bylaw. Trustee Isert proposed a letter be sent to residents calling for trustee candidates. Chair Gregory said a letter should go to Joshua Craig first.
        Chair Gregory said he would look for the year of the first time SSID applied for more trustees.
        The administrator to write a letter to Joshua Craig using the rationale as discussed.

Chair Gregory called the vote.
        Motion carried.

5. Administrator’s Report – Finance
a. Bank    The administrator reviewed the bank balances.

6. Old Business

6a. Peak Period Daily Running Hours update
Chair Gregory reported that he had completed his record of the pumping hours and gallons pumped during the peak period of July 23 to August 22, with August 8th being the peak day with 78.37 cubic meters pumped in 7.9 hours. [Data attached to the PDF Minutes.]
Trustee Miles says that whereas he had previous thought our pumps kick in when the tanks are at 75% capacity, he’s found out that the pumps actually start at 90%.
        Administrator to forward the Chair’s data to Trustee Miles

6b. Well Protection Plan: Site Visit by John Balfour
Chair Gregory said that he had taken John for a system tour, and that during discussion John had seemed relaxed about the SSID system.

c. Alternate systems
Chair Gregory questioned the grandfathering of existing neighbouring septic systems that are affecting the SSID well nitrate levels, and suggested that a project to remove and replace those systems with alternate systems be pursued with the use of grant funds. He said that the project would be beneficial to all lot owners in the District, and that SSID should be prepared to move forward on it. Trustee Isert said SSID should wait for the Balfour Report first. The Administrator said that the Meter Replacement Project as presented to the PRRD in 2016 for a grant could not be changed to a septics system grant request. Chair Gregory said SSID could present a separate request for the same grant, and have the PRRD decide which to support. The Operator said there’s also a Clean Water Fund.

6d. Water Licence Application
The Administrator reported that the water licence application process continues to be problematic, and that many other waterworks districts were also dissatisfied with it. Recently, she had followed up on the Groundwater Department requirement for a projected water usage, and had written that a maximum of all hook-ups in the District might use 10,000 cubic meters water per year, but as a contingency, perhaps the full 88,000 cubic meters allowable within the $200 annual rental fee might also be an acceptable number, as a contingency for disaster. The Administrator had received an answer back that her letter was in “the queue.”

6e. Asset Management Forecast: Meter & Inventory Replacement
Trustee Miles said that details were still to come.

6f. Task List Updates
Operator Robertson reported that another alternating switch had been hard to source, but that it would probably be available next week, and Newport Electric would come over to trouble-shoot the alternating sequencing. Regarding the Emergency Response Plan, she said she would get the Lund Water System templates for use in the planning. She said she was working on getting a replacement handle for the Air Release Valve that had broken. She was also looking into getting meter “blanks” that could enable easier meter replacement. She said she needs the Gate Valve Report.
        Operator Robertson to revise the Task List and send to the Administrator
        Administrator to send most recent Gate Valve Report to Operator Robertson
        Chair Gregory to give 2 files related to chlorination to Operator Robertson in October

7. Additional Items

7a. Danger tree on Campbell Way.
Trustee Miles said there was a tree hung up above the standpipe on Campbell Way, and that it should be removed for safety.
        Trustee Miles to send pics to the Administrator
        Administrator to contact Ministry of Transportation re removal

7b. Storage Shed Renovation
Trustee Miles supplied the Administrator with a hardcopy of a plan to renovate the interior of the storage shed with work benches and shelving, and discussed with Operator Robertson. The skylights would provide natural light, and some electric lights and plugs could be installed, to be powered by the small generator that will be purchased next year. Trustee Miles will do the work this fall and donate some racking for the Inventory area.
        Trustee Miles to do renovations to the shed in the fall

8. Next meeting
Chair Gregory said that when the Administrator receives the Balfour Report, she should circulate it to the Trustees and Operator Roberton, then arrange for a conference call meeting date.
        Administrator to circulate Balfour Report and set up conference call

9. Adjournment
Motion to adjourn    Moved D.Gregory. Carried.
Adjourned 5:08pm.


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